“Some people can do good things when they are working alone and extraordinary things as a team.”

Sandro Vita


Sandro Vita is a “carioca da gema”.

​He discovered the fantastic world of writing during the time he lived in Portugal. Since then, Sandro has dedicated himself to his improvement as a professional writer. Born in 1978, with a great eye to the unusual, he uses daily events to tell stories that transforms people’s life.

​The Sun Door is his first published book. A thriller fiction suspense, based on real life, that expose the power of our choices.

Based in London, his second novel “Lis – Finding a greater Love” with be release in July 2018. He is currently writing the second volume (sequence of The Sun Door) with publication due in March/2019. It’s also in development, two other socio-cultural novels that address issues such as sexism, depression sickness in modern life and the causes and effects of different forms of migration. In addition, he’s doing a certification as a freelancer journalist by the British College of Journalism.

All the texts, books and works from the author are registered by SANDROVITA® ™, under the current copyright laws.

at some point, we all need someone to miss”

Sandro Vita

“life is a reflection of the decisions we make. It’s like in chess. Sometimes the checkmate comes from the movement of a simple pawn

Sandro Vita



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“all of us, at least once in life, will be face to face with an opportunity that can change our destiny

Sandro Vita


The path that you choose to tread is yours and no one else, but along the way there are people who inspire you to do your best, to be your best.

For all of you – my friends – who support me on this journey as a writer.

Thank you.

“The true victory is the one that can be shared”